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roxie daneshvar United States

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About me

I'm new to new england and unabashedly into tourist attractions.


i like:
road trips, DIY crafts + clothing, fire! (fans, poi, staff, eating, transfers, etc), baking, new circus, aimless late night drives with spooky music and fabulous company, people watching while eating cheap veg takeout on brownstone steps and par


gypsy punk, queer core, 80s buttrock, indie, brechtian punk cabaret, and a ton of other amazing genres that I don't know how to label. If it's good for kitchen dancing, soothing enough to lull you to sleep, bizarre enough that it induces belly laughs tha

Movies and TV:

shamelessly bad taste demands faves such as so I married an axe murderer, howard the duck, point break, legend, to wong foo, thanks for everything! julie newmar. Other favorites: Amelie, beetlejuice, secretary, donnie darko, cry baby, wristcutters: a love


Roller Derby!!!




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Roxie's First GLOG!